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REGCast: Finding market data clarity

Europe’s dream of transparency has turned into a market data nightmare plagued by extortionate costs and dubious quality. In Brussels, Paris, and London the political focus has now shifted from unread best execution reports to finding clarity with truly transparent feedback...

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DRR Music ups tempo

Since 2017 Regulators have been experimenting with new technology to get better risk data via Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR). Together with our partner JWG, we are proud to have helped get global Derivatives off the drawing board and into production in time for the US...

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DRR spurs the coverage of CDM

The recent developments in ISDA's Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR) project, with an initial focus on the CFTC rewrite and EMIR regulations, have definitely spurred the development of new products and business events that were not covered by the CDM. The focus of this post...

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Why is Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR) in CDM important?

  • “Regulatory Reporting is a done deal”
  • “We are not going to change our Regulatory Reporting implementation. It’s a cost center for us and we don’t really focus on it. It’s not the core of our business”, 
  • “We have a reactive approach to Regulatory Reporting. Everytime a...
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NextGen SupTech reporting

Regulatory reporting is moving out of the backwater and into the limelight. New RegTech tooling is here and leaders are deploying it now and regulators are defining their SupTech approaches.

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Permissioned Blockchain Platform Comparison

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1. Introduction

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the handling of data in all industry sectors and finance is no exception. In this brief article we seek to compare, in a broad sense,

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