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TradeHeader drives the standardisation of data to streamline connectivity, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risk in financial markets.

We are the bridge between diverse financial messaging standards, between third-party solutions and in-house technology, between counterparties in the market, and between an institution’s strategic vision and the execution of that vision.

Through our consulting, software development and training offerings, TradeHeader helps organisations map their transformation journey as they address operational challenges, embrace complex financial products and emerging technologies, and navigate today’s evolving global regulatory environment.

From its inception, TradeHeader has specialised in modelling processes and events around over-the-counter (OTC) and listed products, always with a strong commitment to open international standards such as FpMLISDA CDMFIX and ISO 20022. We not only use these standards – we have also participated directly in their development.

TradeHeader’s consultants have played active roles in the development and documentation of FpML as members of all the relevant technical and product specific working groups and committees. The TradeHeader team has also designed training courses for extending, processing and validating FpML, and has presented on FpML internationally in training courses and at conferences and workshops. We also participate in a number of FIX/FIXML and ISO 20022 working groups.

It is this constant interaction with and exposure to these standards that allows TradeHeader to provide a higher level of added value to our customers. We bring together our experience around FpML, ISDA CDM, FIX/FIXML and ISO20022 with a deep knowledge of complex financial products. In particular, TradeHeader has a comprehensive understanding of the data that defines a complex financial product and its corresponding events; how to model this data within the different messaging standards that exist in the market; and how to build the software solutions required to produce a client’s desired outcome.

TradeHeader’s clients span central banks, investment banks, asset managers, custodians, exchanges, service providers, and technology firms across markets such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, Thailand and Brazil.

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