Join the TradeHeader team: Software Engineer

Who are we?

As specialists in the use and customisation of data standards across capital markets and global payments, we enhance and customize your data and validate its quality.

TradeHeader’s offering in the area of financial data standards spans consulting, DevOps, and training. We have extensive expertise in OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives products and in messaging standards such as FpML, CDM, FIX Protocol and ISO 20022. We don’t just know these standards – we are closely involved in their design, their evolution and their stewardship.

What do our software engineers do?

Software engineers take a functional and collaborative approaches to solving the firm's core business problems. They don’t just write and review code - engineers are responsible for architecting and designing the infrastructure involved with any given project/deliverable and are also responsible for communicating these decisions effectively and clearly.


What are we looking for?

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Interest for the financial industry
  • Proficient in English is a must. All clients are international so English is our first language of communication externally
  • Practical experience with a programming language such as Java, XSLT, XQuery, C++
  • Experience with a front-end development language (e.g. React)
  • A high degree of curiosity with the ability to ask thoughtful questions and solve challenging problems
  • The capacity to envision a variety of solutions and to clearly articulate them and explain the trade-offs
  • The ability to use programming to design simple and elegant solutions
  • A collaborative mind-set that enjoys working with others and knowledge sharing to achieve the best results
  • An eagerness to give and receive feedback in an open team atmosphere to better the overall result

Here are just some of the projects we're working on:

  • User Interfaces, business logic, and APIs for our tool suite
  • Financial messaging standards (FpML, FIX, ISO 20022) parsers, converters, and validators, all deployed on the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Digitizing financial legal documents
  • Collaborating with our Consulting team to research and design new product lines

Are you interested in joining our team? Write us