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Reflections of the 2024 ISDA AGM in Tokyo

The ISDA AGM is one of the most important conferences for derivative professionals. It usually takes place during spring and this year the conference took place in Tokyo, Japan. TradeHeader repeated as Silver sponsor for the event, showing our commitment to the industry and...

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Data Conversion & Validation Tools

In the intricate world of financial data formats, every organization has its unique set of challenges. At TradeHeader, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with many firms, each with its distinct data complexities. 

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TradeHeader becomes member of FINOS

TradeHeader is delighted to have officially become a corporate member of FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation. 

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CDM Python Generator: Bridging the Common Domain Model and the Python communities

In the ever-evolving world of financial transactions, the Common Domain Model (CDM)  is now available in Python. Explore how this initiative is evolving to enhance data consistency and interoperability in the financial industry.

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RepoHack 2023: Exploring Innovative Solutions for the Repo Industry

The RepoHack was a hackathon organized by Barclays in collaboration with ICMA, the Repo industry association, that defined a set of problems in the Repo industry that the teams participating needed to solve to win. The problems involved the use of the Common Domain Model...

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Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning for Derivative Product Categorization

This article discusses the use of Machine Learning (ML) for product categorization in derivatives. It starts by introducing the two traditional methods of classifying financial products: mapping product codes from different taxonomies and analyzing the product structure...

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