Standards Training

TradeHeader provides custom training around key financial messaging standards.

Our training options range from introductory sessions through to in-depth courses, with a particular focus on extensions and individual asset classes. Training is conducted on-site or online to better accommodate clients’ schedules and specific needs. TradeHeader also offers online evaluation of the completed training courses.

Our training includes

FpML Training

  • Introduction to FpML: An introductory course covering a wide range of FpML topics, including product representation, technical foundations, messaging, business processes and events, validation, customization guidelines.
  • Extending FpML: A hands-on training course focused on customizing FpML. Participants learn how to extend the standard to cover complex products, securities and custom messaging.
  • Validating FpML: An advanced course focused on coding a validation engine. Participants learn how to execute and extend an open source validation engine by creating new business rules and plugging in internal schemas.
  • Asset-class specific FpML training: This course expands the Introduction to FpML course by focusing on additional asset classes not covered in the introductory course.

FIX-FIXML Training

  • Introduction to FIX-FIXML: An introductory course covering the fundamentals of FIX, including the session layer, messaging and instruments. For the FIXML Schema, a section on technical foundations is also included.
  • Extending FIXML: A hands-on training course focused on customizing FIXML. Participants learn how to extend FIXML to cover reference data, pricing and custom fields.

ISO 20022 Training

  • Introduction to ISO 20022: An introductory course focused on payment flows and messages. It includes coverage of payment systems, SWIFT and its legacy message types, understanding the migration to ISO 20022, implementing ISO 20022, and CBPR+ business flows.
  • Extending ISO 20022: A hands-on training course focused on customizing ISO 20022 for internal enterprise messaging. The course can cover settlement, securities or both.

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